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About Us

Sleep Sprout. Peace of Body. Peace of Mind.

About Us

Sprout is fresh, enviro-friendly and rejuvenating. Since 2013, we have been serving customers who make conscious lifestyle choices to care for their bodies and our precious environment. We take pride in building this brand using best practices, natural materials and modern technology. We hand tuft our mattresses to keep the best form and integrity –a far superior method to gluing layers together which is the most common in the mattress industry. At the same time, we demonstrate an unwavering commitment to quality and comfort – Sprout mattresses provide ultimate climate control and uncompromised comfort with the ZipNLink design.

We recognize that today’s customer wants to make healthy lifestyle choices. We also know they want to invest in elegance. While some mattress companies have returned to natural materials, few have put much thought into aesthetic design. Sprout has done both and made it affordable.

At Sprout, we’re always looking at methods to upgrade and improve our revitalizing products. We are proud to be a Canadian owned company.

Proper Support

Say goodbye to neck and back pain forever! You need a mattress that keeps your spine in proper alignment. Sprout mattresses provide a good range of support from the traditional firm support of a pocket coil mattress to the softer and more buoyant feeling of a latex mattress. Alleviate arthritic and joint pain. Proper support means perfect sleep.

Temperature & Moisture Control

Put an end to overheating! As we sleep, we sweat. Each night, we lose up to 2 cups of moisture. Sprout mattresses use natural fibres that breathe. Natural wool wicks away moisture which leaves your mattress dry and bug free. It has great insulation and fire resistant qualities. Natural cotton adds an extra layer of breathability and comfort and ensures full ventilation of your mattress. Silk is a hypoallergenic, fire resistant material that also absorbs and releases moisture. These materials ensure a steady temperature while you sleep. Peaceful nights mean productive days

Natural Materials

Healthy breathing means healthy living. Many mattresses use only foams, chemicals and synthetic materials that don’t breathe and can compromise your health. Foams off-gas toxic petrochemicals. H eat and moisture get trapped inside the mattress which creates a breeding ground for millions of dust mites, bugs, mold & mildew. Your body is trying to rejuvenate while literally breathing in poison. When you are done with your mattress, these pollutants go back to the environment. Sprout products preserve your body and the Earth. Say goodbye to allergies from dust mites. Sprout mattresses are hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and clean.
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