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The Healthy Bedroom

Toll Free: 1-855-443-8039

11620 – 178 street

Edmonton, AB T5S 2E6


Reside Furnishings

Edmonton, AB

Phone: (780) 444-7800

Address: 10434 Mayfield Road, T5P 4P4
City: Edmonton, AB

Reside Furnishings South

Edmonton, AB

Phone: (780) 988-3860

Address: 2010 – 101 Street NW, T6N 1J2
City: Edmonton, AB

Portfolio Interiors

Kamloops, BC

Phone: (250) 372-5045

Address: 1216 Battle Street, V2C 2N6
City: Kamloops, BC

Sleep Shop

Richmond, BC

Phone: 604-278-8147

Address: 12540 Bridgeport Rd, V6V 1J5
City: Richmond, BC

Sleep Shop

Vancouver, BC

Phone: 604-267-7860

Address: 1020 W Broadway, V6H 1E6
City: Vancouver, BC

Sleep Shop

North Vancouver, BC

Phone: 604-988-7122

Address: #102, 1171 Marine Dr., V7P 1T4
City: North Vancouver, BC

Sleepy’s Bedroom Furniture and Sleep Shop

Kelowna, BC

Phone: (250) 868-2337

Address: #3 – 1725 Baron Rd, V1X 7H1
City: Kelowna, BC

Manderley Fine Furniture

Toronto, Ontario 

Phone: 416- 486-3045

Address : 545 Mount Pleasant Rd Toronto, ON. M4S 2M5

City: Toronto,Ontario

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