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Sprout's Natural Materials

When you sleep with Sprout, you sleep with nature.

These days, it seems almost impossible to find anything that isn’t made with artificial materials. Cheap, uncomfortable, poor-quality products that harm the environment and need replacing quickly have become the norm. At Sprout we want to put an end to this trend. We’ve done our research and know that it is possible to make quality mattresses from natural components.

By natural, we mean materials that come from nature, from the Earth. It also means when we build our mattress, we don’t add toxic chemicals.

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100 % Dunlop Latex

We only use the finest 9-Step Dunlop latex in our Mollis, Vivo and Luxuria bed models. Dunlop latex is 100 % natural and is stronger and denser than any other latex. If you have back pain or any sort of back problem Dunlop will be the best bet for you because of its stiff core that will keep the mattress firmer so you can sleep on it and not in it.

  •   Natural Dunlop latex have will meet or exceed GreenGuard’s standards for low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions

  •    Dunlop is resilient beneath the body, but not “springy.” For people who need a comfortable and reliable mattress, this latex is ideal.

  •   Dunlop is made from organic latex does not contain any chemicals, synthetics, pesticides, herbicides, or other man-made products

  •   Denser which makes it firmer, heavier and durable.

  •   100% natural and is made from the sap of the rubber tree


  •   Firmer latex is typically used as a base core component

Wool and Silk.

Wool and Silk are super fibres. Using wool and silk means your mattress works for you, instead of against you, for the long-term. It’s why we use these age-old resilient materials.

  •   Wool wicks away moisture and stores up to 30% of its weight. This keeps your mattress climate-controlled, dry and bug free.

  •   Synthetics trap heat when you’re hot but don’t keep you warm when you’re cold. Wool acts as a great insulator and ventilator at the same time! You’ll be warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

  •   We use natural wool so we don’t have to add chemical fire retardants to meet fire-resistant safety standards. No toxins for you!

  •   Silk in its natural form absorbs and releases moisture. This maintains a steady temperature while you sleep.

  •   It is resistant to mold and mildew. It naturally wards off dust mites and bed bugs. Another naturally hypoallergenic material.

  •   Silk is phenomenally durable – as strong as steel. It is also fire resistant by nature!

Natural Cotton.

Cotton provides a luxurious naturalness that synthetic materials can’t. What do you want next to your skin?

  •   Sprout beds use 100% all natural carded cotton. It’s durable and top-quality.
  •   Cotton breathes. This allows air to circulate throughout the mattress and ensures full ventilation while you sleep.
  •   We hand-tuft our cotton exteriors. This careful construction ensures that once assembled, internal elements don’t shift.

Besides being cleaner, healthier and safer for you while you sleep, natural components are also more resilient. They last longer and feel better.

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