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Sprout Advantage

Not Convinced? Sleep on it.


Proper support
Say goodbye to neck and back pain forever.

There is a misconception that a hard mattress means a supportive one. Proper support is key for a peaceful sleep. But support is based on how the mattress curves around your body. A hard, inflexible mattress will hamper full relaxation. A soft mattress will cause the ‘U’ shape drop in your spine. This can trigger on-going hip, back and neck pain.

You need a mattress that keeps your spine in proper alignment. Your hips and shoulders should rest slightly into the mattress to allow support to the lighter parts of your body. Sprout latex mattresses provide a continuous and supple surface. This positions your body at the perfect in-between point every time. Settle into soft yet firm. Put an end to hours of trying to get comfortable. Alleviate arthritic and joint pain. Proper support means perfect sleep.


Temperature control
Put an end to overheating.

As we sleep, we sweat. Each night, we lose 2 cups of moisture. Imitation materials give it nowhere to go. If you are tossing and turning, it’s because your mattress and you are overheating.

Sprout mattresses use natural fibres that breathe. You’ll have cosy nights in winter and cool ones in summer. When the temperature naturally readjusts, you don’t have to. Peaceful nights mean productive days.


Natural, materials
Healthy breathing means healthy living.

Many mattresses use foams, chemicals and synthetic materials that compromise your health. Even big name natural mattress manufacturers include foam fillers or “natural” foam. These require chemical adhesives to bond materials. Foams off-gas toxic petrochemicals. Your body is trying to rejuvenate while literally breathing in poison. When you are done with your mattress, these pollutants go back to the environment.

We refuse to use foam fillers. Sprout mattresses preserve your body and the Earth.

Natural, clean environment: put an end to allergies and dirt! Foams and chemical adhesives don’t breathe. Heat and moisture get trapped inside the mattress. This creates a breeding ground for millions of dirty dust mites and bugs. Not to mention mold and mildew. How can you revitalize while lying in filth?

Say goodbye to allergies from dust mites. Leave stuffy noses, itchy eyes and night coughing behind. Limit respiratory problems like asthma. A Sprout mattress is made of only the finest natural materials.  Experience superior sleep on this well-designed natural treat. You’ll wake up feeling fresher every day.

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