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We care about your sleep

That's why we take the time to make our products by hand, using only natural materials.

Natural, chemical-free materials

Most mass-produced mattresses in the market today are made with memory foam and other synthetic materials, which can be unsafe and unhealthy both for you and for the environment. Sprout mattresses are made using 100% dunlop latex, wool and silk, and natural cotton fibers, all of which have multiple benefits for your sleep and your home. We use long staple cotton, which is one of the most luxurious fibres often used in creating Egyptian cotton sheets and other high-end bed linens.


We make all of our mattresses by hand. We assemble each layer and stitch each weave by hand, ensuring a consistent level of quality throughout the mattress. We use traditional methods that make our mattresses stronger, more supportive, and longer lasting. A Sprout mattress, if maintained properly, can last 10-15 years, as opposed to a poorly manufactured mattress that may only last 3-5 years.


Most mattresses are made to be single-sided; Sprout mattresses are designed to be flipped. Regularly rotating and flipping your mattress means that it will retain its structure and support for much longer, and will extend its lifespan.

Foam free

Most mattresses today are made with varying amount of foam. Foam is a synthetic material and is often mixed with polyurethane. These materials can trap carbon dioxide and release chemical gas, which you're likely to inhale and absorb. Sprout mattresses are made with natural materials instead of foam, which eliminates the chance of absorbing chemicals and gas in your body.

Chemical free

Some of the most common and most dangerous chemicals for humans are found in foam mattresses. These chemicals are used to kill mites and roaches, to keep your mattress flame retardant, and to manufacture polyurethane foam. Sprout mattresses are made with natural materials, which inherently reduce the risk of mites and are naturally flame retardant. We do not use any of these chemicals in our mattresses.

Temperature controlled

Memory foam mattresses tend to retain heat and can cause body temperatures to rise to uncomfortable levels. Natural materials, especially wool and cotton, are amazing temperature regulators. Natural fibres trap dead air, which is a fantastic insulator and provides a great buffer against the cold. They also have great cooling properties. As your body warms up, moisture within the fibre will evaporate, cooling the air between you and your mattress.

Moisture controlled

During sleep the average person loses approximately 1 cup of moisture per night. A foam mattress absorbs and holds that moisture allowing mold and mildew to quickly build up. Sprout mattresses are made with natural fibres, which have superior wicking properties, pulling the moisture away from your body and moving it to the air, preventing the growth of mold, mildew and mites.

Naturally wicking fibers

Cotton, wool and silk are all natural fibres with superior wicking properties. These fibres help pull moisture away from your body and into the air. This helps prevent the growth of mold, mildew and mites, and keeps your mattress fresh and clean.

Quality construction

We don't take any shortcuts when making a Sprout mattress; we use traditional methods that ensure strong, long lasting mattresses. Our handles are attached using a box stitch, which is one of the most secure ways of connecting fabrics that need to withstand significant stress. Our mattresses are hand tufted, which means that we secure all of the layers of your mattress from top to bottom throughout various points. This keeps all of your layers in place and prevents materials from shifting and gathering, maintaining even support throughout the life of the mattress.

Reduced mite risk

Warm, moist environments are the perfect breeding ground for mites. Foam mattresses trap moisture and heat, and are more prone to attracting and harvesting dust mites. Sprout mattresses are made with natural fibres, which prevent moisture and heat build-up, reducing the risk of breeding mites.

Fire retardant

Memory foam is a flammable material. Foam mattresses are often treated with a chemical fire retardant so that they can be deemed safe for use. Sprout mattresses are made without foam, which means we don't need to spray them with chemicals. We use naturally flame resistant materials including wool, which is one of the most flame resistant fibres in existence.

Zip N Link

Build the ideal bed for you and your partner with our innovative system that allows you to combine two unique mattress types with a discreet four-sided zipper.

Made in Canada

Sprout mattresses are handcrafted in Edmonton, Canada. We make our mattresses in an environment that nurtures a positive workplace culture, values its employees, and honors the longstanding traditions of Canadian materials and craftsmanship.

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